Analysis Of The Book ' Alice 's Wonderland ' Essay

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Meta: Alice is a character whose abstract nature has insured her immortality. Alice’s Wonderland brings the classic tale to the reels; will you peer through the looking glass?

Alice’s Wonderland Review

Pretty much everybody is familiar with the famous book Alice in Wonderland. Lewis Carroll’s seminary work has been a feature of pop culture for virtually the entire duration of its existence, spawning a whole franchise as well as a famous Disney movie. Naturally the creators at 888 Slots saw a way to capitalise on that fact, which has prompted the creation of Alice’s Wonderland, a video slots game featuring the eponymous book as its theme. At first impression the game boasts a fairy-tale like appearance, giving the game a whimsical sense of innocence and wonder. The game’s appearance certainly draws you in, so does its gameplay measure up in relation?

Begin at the beginning

What I noticed about the game is that the visual direction veers more into a classical version of the tale, featuring renditions of the characters and scenery in a manner befitting the book at the time of its writing. Very little of the later Disney or Tim Burton-esque visual style can be seen here, in fact the game actually looks to have a graphical style more befitting a German fairy tale. The ethereal-sounding background music compliments the art direction very well, as it conjures up the image of being lost in a magical forest far from home. The style of the scenery actually looks really beautiful,…

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