Analysis Of The Book ' Alexander Hamilton ' Essay

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Ron Chernow shows in the prologue of his book Alexander Hamilton, how Eliza Hamilton, the wife and dedicated supporter of Hamilton wanted to make sure that his views and roles on the society were preserved. “….committed to one holy quest above all others: to rescue her husband’s historical reputation from the gross slanders that had tarnished it. For many years after he died, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and other political enemies had taken full advantage of their eloquence and longevity to spread defamatory anecdotes about Hamilton, who had been condemned to everlasting silence” (2). Eliza did not ask for divorce after Hamilton had an affair during their marriage, neither did she curse him after living her and his children in debts after his death but instead she choose to stand by him till her death. Eliza displayed the qualities of a good wife. Ron Chernow is the author of the book. He is an experienced American historical biographer, writer, lecturer, and journalist. He was born on the March 3rd 1949 in Brooklyn, New York. He graduated from Yale College with honors and Cambridge University. He has written various biographical books like Titan, The Death of the Banker, The Warburgs and The House of Morgan. Chernow has won several awards for the various books he has written. He has also received several Doctorate degrees from Colleges and Universities. All these qualifies him to write the historical book.
Ron Chernow’s purpose of writing the book was to explain…

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