Analysis Of The Book ' 1984 ' By George Orwell Essay

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There are always eyes watching and the voice makes one feel as in they are suffocating. Whether asleep or awake, indoors or outdoors, in the bath or bed, there is no escape. Nothing was ones’ own except a few centimeters of their mind. 1984 by George Orwell, which was written in 1949, is an exciting story set in the future where everything and everyone is controlled by a higher power. The higher power goes by the name of Big Brother, and, no matter where people go, they are always being watched. Orwell describes how the populace is split up into three groups: the Inner party, the Outer Party, and the Prolls. The Inner Party is Big Brother. The Outer Party, or middle class, is the group of people Big Brother is focusing on controlling and they are also referred to as the Party. Last are the Prolls, or the lower class and consists of the drunks and lame, not worthy enough, in the eyes of Big Brother, to be controlled. In 1984, Orwell explores the ideas of governmental control through the use of technology, physical and mental, and the revision of history. The first type of control Big Brother uses is technology. Technology is a big idea in this story because Big Brother controls the Party through the use of technology via huge telescreens that are placed in every room of every building. These telescreens have cameras inside of them so Big Brother always has the opportunity to watch The Parties. These telescreens are used not only to tell people when to exercise…

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