Essay Analysis Of ' The Bloody Slayer '

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“Well I’m certainly not putting that in my mouth. I can smell it from here. And it’s a school night, you bad influence.” Buffy’s nose scrunched at the smell of the beer in Spike’s manicured hand. At some point Buffy let herself get dragged into a demon bar-to Spikes hilarity and her seemingly endless suffering. Things with hairy horns and extra eyes were out to play in full tonight and Buffy made sure to keep mentally checking her stowed stakes. She thought about Giles taking in the sights here, cracking open dusty texts classifying whatchamacallit monsters and who’s it type creatures. She definitely shouldn’t be here.

“I definitely shouldn’t be here.” Buffy talked through her teeth, breathing into Spike’s ear over the din of the place. For a fractional second he was reminded that usually he either bit or shagged or both, girls that hushed their voices in his ear. But this was a client and the Slayer. The bloody Slayer.

“Probably right, love.” He swigged back two shots of fiery liquid with just a hint of a grimace and gestured to the bartender for another round. If he was drinking for himself and Buffy he had some ground to cover. This bar had rapidly become one of his favorite nightlife spots in Sunnydale. All sorts of clients looking for muscle of his character, without the stones to disturb him with business while he attended to pleasure. He could appreciate that in a town. The sampling of Sunnydale’s female underbelly wasn’t disappointing, either; eyeing…

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