The Cause Of Nathaniel Bacon's Rebellion

Whenever a revolt occurs in American History, there are complex motives for these acts to trigger violence or open confrontations with the government. The Bacon’s Rebellion was one of the most famous uprisings in the 1670s and the outcome was the defeat of the rebels. Nathaniel Bacon, who was a Virginia settler, instigated the issue and wanted to oppress the Native Americans. William Berkeley, who was the Governor of the Virginia Colony, was very easy-going about the situation and wanted no tension towards the Native Americans. Bacon believed that the Native Americans was invading Jamestown’s territory area, and he wanted Berkeley to act by advancing better security. Since nothing was being done on Berkeley’s side of the bargain, Bacon took …show more content…
Berkeley, who was very peaceful governor of Virginia, did not like confrontation towards other ethnic group and just wanted peace in Jamestown. Nathaniel Bacon, who was a rich colonist planter, was a very confrontational individual that wanted major change in the community. Obviously, two of these personalities were going to clash and it was going to be long process for certain policies to change in the Jamestown community. There were countless causes for this revolt to start brewing, but high taxes and land were one of the first reasons; Bacon was starting to point the finger at the indigenous group for getting the “special treatment” instead of the lower class. Bacon, who was already a wealthy man, was not speaking for his class, but was trying to raise awareness for the lower class’ protection and their unjust policies in their community. Additionally, the effects that I discussed, The Declaration of the People and Virginia and the Treaty of 1677, were one of the ending results of the revolt, including Bacon’s death. To be more specific, the treaty was a committed document for the English and the natives to learn how to tolerate each other in the same area. Whereas the Declaration, which was written by Bacon, was a laundry list of complaints that needed to be changed by Berkeley. When nothing was being resolved, …show more content…
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