Essay on Analysis Of The Article ' Why Men Need Woman Suffrage '

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“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence” Helen Keller, author, humanitarian, and lecturer once said. Many Americans may be unaware on the true impact she left on the women’s rights movement. Keller pursued life as an avid activist promoting, humanitarian beliefs, education, and women’s suffrage. Keller published an essay, “Why Men Need Woman Suffrage” in 1913. She targets men as her main audience hoping to broaden their minds to realize the importance women have in society. Tying back to the meaning of the first quote, without optimism or faith no progress can ever be achieved. Therefore, the History 51 class goes in-depth on this “optimism and faith” all women had to accomplish to fight for equality. The class studies the experiences of many different types of American women, beginning in the 1600s up to present day. Learning stories about these women from different races and class gives insight on the true hardships all women had to endure during their time. These women’s harsh endeavors are embedded in the history of American society stemming most gender inequality today. Women’s strive for equality continues to be an ongoing issue throughout history. However, there has been much progress since the 1800s, there is still so much more to be accomplished. Today many American women are still abused, sexualized, and deemed inferior by men. To fulfill the dream of creating the perfect utopian society, there is still…

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