Analysis Of The Article ' Why Is It So Difficult For Rein Wall Street '

1130 Words Apr 27th, 2016 null Page
I decided to read and analyze the article titled “Why is it so difficult to rein in Wall Street”. The article describes the difficulties there are to reform on Wall Street. This is due to the “industrial elite” that reside at the throne of major industries. These includes all of the CEOs leading the billion dollar investment and banking corporations. Many political figures use the lack of reform that has happened to Wall Street as a key point in their policy. For example, Bernie Sanders said “If I were elected President the foxes would no longer guard the henhouse”. This is referring to the “foxes” as the elite business CEOs and the “henhouse” meaning Wall Street, in which all of the working class is held. These “foxes” use their position, success, and knowledge to assert their power. The way that Wall Street is conducted results in a huge number of disputes and cultural conflictions, leaving the working class powerless forced to abide by the elites rule. Due to this uneven distribution of power, sociologists find countless tendencies that contribute to their studies. Some of the terms and studies that I found relate to the social problems in Wall Street are the social conflict theory, organic solidarity, and cultural hegemony. On Wall Street there is a huge gap in power between the elite and the working class. In sociology this working class is sometimes referred to as the bourgeoisie. In a capitalist society the bourgeoisie are those who have enough social and cultural…

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