Analysis Of The Article ' The New Science Of Siblings ' Essay

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In the article “The New Science of Siblings,” Jeffrey Kluger tells us some interesting factors of having siblings, and which it is the impact of these could cause in the life of a child. Kluger says, “Siblings are our scolds, protectors, goads, tormentors, playmates, counselors, sources of every objects of pride.” Also the older we get, we have a closer relationship with our siblings. As adults in the end, we finally start to feel love for our siblings after years of fights, and competing for our parents’ attention. He also says “our siblings could contribute to our emotional and psychological health.” I agree with his article of everything he mentions because I had the same problems as I was a kid. For example, when I was a kid I saw my siblings as my worst enemies. Moreover, they often borrowed my clothes without asking me permission, they got jealous of my new toys, and we always competed to be the favorite. In fact, after the experiences I have had with my siblings in my own life, I believe that we have to learned to live together as siblings, and help each other in the most difficult moments that we could have in life.
One of the benefits of having a siblings is, they helped you have a better relationship with others. Kluger says, “By the time children are 11 years old, they devote about 33% of their free time to their siblings more time than they spend with friends, parents, teachers or even themselves.” For instance, when I was a kid my siblings taught me three…

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