Essay on Analysis Of The Article ' The Burning Bed '

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The Burning Bed" tells the story of Francine Hughes, a woman form a small town in Michigan, who after having just been beaten by her ex-husband, James “Mickey” Hughes, poured gasoline around the bed that he was passed out drunk in and set him on fire. The film recounts their tumultuous marriage and the years of abuse that Francine suffered before feeling that murder was the only option to save herself and her children. Detailing more than 12 years of abuse in the Hughes household as well as Francine’s murder trial, which was one of the most sensational in Michigan’s history, this film recounts a case of such brutal spousal violence and created the rallying point for a growing movement to change the laws and social services available to victims of domestic violence. Although domestic violence was a common phenomenon, it was never addressed in such a brutally honest manner and certainly not in such a public forum prior to the airing of this movie which provided the catalyst that largely changed societal attitudes.
The sociological concepts that are addressed throughout this film are diverse and varied but provide excellent fodder for anyone wishing to delve into this area study. I feel that the initial concept that must be considered when analyzing this story is the culture of the community in which in occurred. The broadest definition of culture is the common practices, language, beliefs, and behaviors of any group of individuals within a geographic area or who have a…

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