Analysis Of The Article ' Killing The Black Body ' Essay

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Reproduction in bondage

In Chapter one of her book “Killing the Black Body” author Dorothy Roberts asserts slave procreation had little to do with procreation but oppression of the salve women’s life and life choices being shaped by her reduction to a sexual object to be raped, bred or abused. Violations sanctioned by law and the brutal domination of slave women s procreation , that shapes the regulation of her reproduction that continues today… Every indignity that comes from the denial of reproduction autonomy is found in the slave woman’s their wombs were treated as procreative vessel of policy that often pitted a mother’s welfare against that of her unborn child.
Roberts father asserts the black woman’s experiences during slavery was a brutal denial of autonomy over her reproduction, as women salves were valuable not only for her labor but also her ability to produce more slaves through childbirth. Therefore, slave masters increased controlling slave’s procreation. E.g. a slave master’s business ledger was found to have documented that breeding women slaves was worth one sixth to one fourth more than a slave that did not breed. H
The ban on importing slaves after 1808 made enslaved black women’s childbearing more valuable, as her body provided slave masters with a future supply of slaves.
Black procreation, not only benefited the slave master, states Roberts, but also, globally sustained the entire system of slavery…. A realistic assessment is female…

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