Analysis Of The Article ' Bail Trap ' Essay

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In the world of Criminal Justice, bail is considered the easy way out nonetheless the hardest way out at the same time. Although bails original intentions was to help people avoid jail time. Now, today bail is designed to incarcerate low-income minorities who committed minor crimes. In the article “Bail Trap” President Obama states in a speech “is not fair as it should be. Mass incarceration makes our country worse off, and we need to do something about it”. In other words many innocent people and people who have committed minor crimes are incarnated because of bail. Bail has become a trap because for people who have low-income rates end up pleading guilty. Currently bail is set so high that low-income people cannot afford it. Many poor people who are struggling to pay to live are usually the ones who are accused for crimes they sometimes have nothing to do with or was never part of. In the article entitles “Bail Trap” authored by Nick Pinto talks about a girl named Adriana who was a new single mom and she did everything she could to provide for child. She ended up in a shelter home and one day she ran out diapers and left her child with a friend and she got caught leaving the shelter home late at night. She was then charged for endangering the welfare of a child. She got her child taken away from her and was served to 6 months in prison because she couldn’t come up with the bail of $1,500. This example shows that bail is a trap for many people. Adriana was poor mom who…

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