Analysis Of The Argumentative Essay : Two Cheers For Brown Vs. Board Of Education

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The great privilege of United States of America is the people of the country have the right to equality. Clayborne Carson an author of the argumentative essay “Two Cheers for Brown vs. Board of Education”. Born in Buffalo, New York; he is an educated scholar who specializes in African American and civil rights history. Carson’s essay is summarizes how Brown affected the outcome of desegregation in public schools. Brown is a Supreme Court decision that ruled public schools to allow African American children to attend predominantly Caucasian schools. The argument the author states in the essay, (in the first paragraph), “we see clearly now that while the Brown decision informed the attitudes that have shaped contemporary American race relations, it did not resolve persistent disputes about the nation’s civil rights policies” (Carson 1). The author believes that Brown forced white schools to accept black but it did not diversify all schools across the nation. “Two Cheers for Brown vs. Board of Education” is a well structured essay, but it lacks one component of the five argumentative essay components. The essay lacks evidence to support the variety of historical information presented.
To start, the Clayborne Carson is a great authoritative figure considering his background. Carson acquired education at the University of California at Los Angeles, where he received his Bachelors, Masters, and PhD. He also specializes in African American civil rights history and also wrote and…

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