Analysis Of The American Disabilities Act Of 1990

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Register to read the introduction… The Americans Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) prevents discriminations to make sure that all people with disabilities have equal opportunities in every aspect of their lives such as employment. Under the Americans Disabilities Act of 1990 a person with disabilities cannot be discriminated against in the area of employment. These areas include the hiring process as well as promotion practices, employee training, social opportunities as related to and designated by one’s job description and fringe benefits. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 gives all individuals with disabilities the protection against discrimination. These individual may have mental, sensory and physical disabilities that limit one or more of their daily functions. The ADA of 1990 is not just limited to this area of discrimination; it also provides civil rights protections as well. People with disabilities are protected in such civil areas as telecommunication services, access to public services, and access to public and private transportation. In this area, the ADA specifically states that all public accommodations must be accessible to individuals/people with disabilities as well and that these accommodations are to include all and any services, businesses, agencies, public transportation and other entities the general public has access to on a daily …show more content…
All human service providers and workers are charged with making sure all that are served having a disability is provided with all the services he or she need in a manner that is accessible for them. These services may include making sure that their place of business is equipped with any and all devices to help them access the services they need on a daily basis whether it be something as simple as a wheelchair ramp to enter a place of business, a telephone designed to help the blind or to help the hearing impaired. The list can go on as to what must be provided in order for a person within the population of people with a disability may need to accommodate him or her in their homes, public buildings, and means of transportation in order to make their life function without any problems or disadvantages. It is the job of all human service professionals and providers to make sure these needs are

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