Analysis Of ' The Act Of Ratiocination ' Essay

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Another feature of pieces of Dark Romantic work includes the act of ratiocination. Characters in such themed stories plot such fool proof plans. Hop-Frog, for instance, has spent many years studying the King and his ministers to know exactly what to expect and when. Hop Frog carefully picks his words to lure the ignorant King into his trap for he had very well knew how exactly the King would respond. Hop Frog slyly advises “That there came into my mind a capital diversion-one of my own country frolics-often enacted among us, at our own masquerades: but here it will be new altogether. Unfortunately, however, it requires a company of eight persons and-” (Poe 4). He excites the King and his men by giving an eerie idea of what they should wear to the masquerade. Hop-Frog uses reverse psychology to make the King think that Hop-Frogs’ costume is way too good for anyone to wear. Thus, this quote highlights Hop-Frogs first official step in carrying out his retaliation against the King by convincing them that they will be the most original looking in the party. The Kings’ rapacity and foolishness causes him to quickly agree to the dwarfs vicious idea without even thinking through the details of the costume. In fact, the King himself insists that he and his ministry should dress as whatever Hop-Frog wants them to. Hop-Frog confidently exclaims, “I will equip you as ourang-outangs, leave all that to me. The resemblance shall be so striking, that the company of masquerades will take…

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