Analysis Of Terrence Malick's Film 'The New World'

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Exploration, love, battle, and rivalry is the basis of Terrence Malick’s film, The New World. Natives in the Americas are met with foreign explorers from England, to discover “The New World”. An American is captured and awaiting his death. His life is spared thanks to the the chief of the Powhatans daughter, Pocahontas. Pocahontas is sent to the Jamestown colony to learn about the European culture. Tensions on both sides rise as invasion of territory and the capture of the Powhatan Chief’s daughter keeps both communities on edge. This adaptation of the original Pocahontas film uses beautiful shots and colors that bring life to the screen. The director uses this color to his advantage to portray the mood of each scene. Malick uses color and visual techniques to enhance each mood of each scene in the movie to portray Pocahontas in a peacemaker way. In Terrence Malick’s The New World, Pocahontas is used as a mediator between the …show more content…
She is calm and open to learn the ways of his community. “ What is also of significance in the story is the willingness of Pocahontas herself to cross the racial divide and by a gesture overcome the hostility between natives and settlers” (Buscome 35). As she becomes an individual member of both communities she bridges the gap between the opposite worlds. Pocahontas has a dangerous job, many colonists are very hostile toward the natives and not so welcome. They know they are imposing on someone else’s land, there were people here before them. She learns to communicate with both communities. She is able to relieve some of the tension between settlers and her own tribe. She is slowly becoming a part of the new community. We see this as the scenes in the colony are a brighter color. Pocahontas knows her place in the settlement and her tribe. There is a certain hierarchy just like with her

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