Jamestown Dbq

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could you imagine drinking poop water? well, that's what the people in Jamestown drank. During winter 1609-1610, two-thirds of the settlement died. 1611 500 and more settlers that arrived from Jamestown 80% were dead. Why did so many colonists die? the early Jamestown colonist died for three main reasons: problems with the environment lack of key skills and the relationships with the natives Americans.

problems with the environment caused death in Jamestown. in Doc A it says "because the adjacent river and creek became brackish as water levels rose, reliable sources of fresh water would have been scarce..." brackish water is unsafe this is a problem that can lead to death because of salt poisoning. Doc E Approximately one hundred seventy-eight
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Doc C most of the people brought were not productive. labors can build houses and shelter, unlike copper they just make barrels. Doc C they brought 110 males and only one surgeon they should have brought more doctors and pharmacist to help the sick. The lack of skills and not being prepared killed many in Jamestown.

Many colonists died from that relationship with the natives. Doc E on May 26, 16072 people died from the natives they died because James town also killed natives, Jamestown people didn’t have a good relationship. Doc E three more people died and an ambush from the native overtime the killings continued and showed that they had a bad relationship. Doc D In Jamestown they would cut off the heads of the native. They would have had a bad relationship because of the killings. Jamestown colonist developed a bad relationship with the natives because they kept killing each other.

The reason why so many people died in Jamestown because in early Jamestown colonists died from environmental problems,lack of skills,bad relations with the native. The overall is that the people in Jamestown were not prepared for survival and Jamestown with them killing natives and also not having doctors to treat patients that need help Jamestown was not ready for the

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