Analysis Of Ted Talks, By Jennifer Doudna Essay

838 Words Nov 16th, 2015 4 Pages
Upon searching through the options on TED talks, there were a bunch of topics that sounded quite interesting but, this specific one on changing human DNA really sounded catchy. The speaker Jennifer Doudna invented a new technology that could quite frankly help cure and or eliminate genetic diseases. Doudna’s opening phrase was similar to a story about how her and a former scientist discovered the idea of the groundbreaking technology. Her opening statement was strong but it could of been more catchy while she intrigued her audience, there could of been more fascinating ways to go about accomplishing that. Immediately following her explanation of this groundbreaking new medical technology, she goes into more detail and explains to the audience about how changing the DNA strand can get rid of, eliminate or even lessen genetic disorders across the board. Although she is explaining her topic and founding research very well, she is not moving around a lot and her voice isn 't emphasizing any important keys, and her body language is showing that the topic is not really all that exciting and or fascinating . She somewhat is starting to talk with her hands but the camera is not picking up the full motion of movement. Doudna’s posture is not that great she is grounded (like any speaker should be) but she is shifting more weight to one side of her body instead of being square and having open posture to the audience. Posture for a speech should be at least square to the audience and…

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