Analysis Of Strange Meeting

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Valentin klinkpe
Mr Tim Murphy
English 102
‘You are the enemy I killed, my friend’ “Strange meeting” by Wilfred Owen
Poems are known mainly for the illustration of thoughts, strong beliefs, or emotions. However, through the self-expression of many poets, it is denoted that they speak of important lessons, and morals. As many types of poems there are, as different thoughts, lessons, or moral education they portray to the readers. Nevertheless, I will like to emphasis on a specific type of poem, which is very complex, speaks more of the great relativeness of a poet’s thought to reality. After the First World War, many poetry work saw the day after their death. However, been more specific by relating to an English poet Wilfred.
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He was one of the leading poets of the First World War. He was part of the conflict, but at the very beginning. He aware of all the details he implied in the poem “strange meeting” at a very young age, although he was a soldier, he realized the bad in killing people. The poem 's was written in the 1918 but was published in the 1919 after his death. The poet uses a very rare style in “Strange Meeting”. A mixture of a strong imagination and realistic, in a descriptive way. Many are the themes associated with this poem, however, I would like to emphasize on the hopelessness in regret of not being able to inform the above world, the peace and love which should dominate the hatreds Wilfred Owen illustrates.
At the very beginning of the poem “Strange Meeting”, the use of a well expressed imaginary strategy is shown as quoted, “It seemed that out of battle I escaped. Down some profound dull tunnel, long since scooped. Through granites which titanic wars had groined?” Implying that a solider like, saying he/she have escaped, or leave the struggle for a better life. A place where there is no cause to mourn, which was never thought of, but wondering where he have found himself. While standing in the wonderland, those who were there before his arrival were in
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All of a sudden, one of them said, “I am the enemy you killed, my friend”. Implying that they both didn’t have any personal hatred against the other, both have come all the way by killing the other. Personally, having some knowledge about the military, the most important rules are to first respect all orders from a higher ranked person; secondly the respect of the military rules, leaving no one superior to the rules. The military laws are subjected to clarity, truthfulness, and be against corruption. Most often is seen when a soldier respects the laws to the line it sometimes cause hatred from the bad bosses. Two important laws, which are sometimes made difficult to follow when superiors go about disobeying. In the poem, it is noticed that they both were respecting the orders they received, which was mainly to kill the opponent. As a solder, the poet relate his poem to his profession. Remember the person you killed by a gun point on the battlefield I am the enemy you killed my friend, as he says, “I knew you in this dark: for so you frowned. Yesterday through me as you jabbed and killed”. The poem emphasis on describing the hell, as dark as it is silent, no cause to mourn, no distraction, it doesn’t stop the ability to recognize the each other, and express love. As quoted, “Let us sleep now…” the invite to a rest shows a sign of care and love,

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