Analysis Of Slaughterhouse Five By Kurt Vonnegut Essay

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Characters or Representatives
Sometimes we are not who we appear to be. There are certain characteristics that can be displayed by a person to make him or her appear to be someone else. Understanding what characteristics mean will help you to appreciate what is being represented by these three individuals. Characteristics are features or qualities belonging typically to a person, place or thing, and serve to identify it. There are three characters symbolized by The Mafia, a bitter writer and an advocate for children.
Mob action is characterized by Paul Lazzaro in the book Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut who is described as a polka dotted car thief from Cicero, Illinois (162). “Lazzaro said that he could have anybody killed for a thousand dollars plus travel expense” (Vonnegut 179). There were two threats made by Lazzaro. First, Lazzaro was trying to steal a cigarette from underneath the pillow of an Englishman while doing this, the Englishman who is known as the blue fairy godmother broke Lazzaro’s arm.“Lazzaro told him he was going to have him killed after the war” (Vonnegut 175). Lazzaro told a man named Derby about the way he killed a dog by making him eat a steak with razors in it (177). Derby asked would he kill him the same way Lazzaro said “I’m gonna have him shot” (Vonnegut 178). Second, Weary told Lazzaro that Billy Pilgrim had caused him to get gangrene and die (101). Lazzaro gave Weary his word that he…

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