Analysis Of ' Silver Sparrow ' Essay

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Throughout Tayari Jones’ Silver Sparrow, many characters must confront incredibly difficult situations that force them to evolve. These situations often challenge the characters’ value system and sense of self. Two characters that changed significantly throughout the novel as a result of their experiences are Dana Yarboro and James Witherspoon. They are forced to navigate through a world in which societal conventions and intense emotions inhibit their ability to thrive. Although both James and Dana attempt to have a relationship, James’ selfish behaviors harm Dana’s emotional wellbeing and ultimately destroys whatever bond they once had. Dana Yarboro’s early childhood is marked by a strange detachment from her father. When she first speaks of her father, she does not refer to him as “dad” or “daddy.” Her behavior indicates that she is indifferent to his presence and she does not display the affection that a child normally would towards her father. One day, when she is in kindergarten, she draws a picture that depicts James’ two wives and two daughters. When James proceeds to tell Dana that she cannot do this, she calls him “sir” (8). By referring to him as “sir” instead of “daddy,” she is informing the reader that she feels very little connection to him. She recognizes him as someone with authority and willingly follows his orders because she knows that this is her responsibility as his daughter. She does not obey him out of love or out of a desire to please him. At this…

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