Analysis Of Sherman Alexie 's ' This Is What It Means For Say Phoenix ' Arizona '

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Misty Traeger

Instructor Witt

Eng 102

5 February 2016

This is what it means to say Phoenix, AZ and Smoke Signals

The setting of the story “This is what it means to say Phoenix, Arizona”, by Sherman Alexie. Takes place to show how life is in a daily setting of the Native American. There is no big statements of how life is unfair just that it is. He shows how two cousins that have a small linked childhood together drifted apart by the normal situations on the rez. There is a hidden theme about how Thomas didn 't change, he kept on doing what he did and kept his own beliefs in tact in light of the need to conform, even those around him had no understanding of his reasons for the stories. However in the end we find that it was his stories that helped him through the drudgery of the daily life of his existence. The contrast from the story to the film seams to parallel closely how ever there is a vast level of interesting dialog with the characters in the movie.

In the begin of the story; it is who looks like the main character victor had no job, no father for many years not just lately. Last rights was left to him. No support from the mother no money as well. Victor needed to go to Phoenix, Arizona for his fathers remains. Victor also planned to get the last of his fathers money to bring back a truck. It shows that there is no relying on anyone for anything, it almost seems they know it 's a fact of life , yet no one seems to care. It is mostly an apathetic attitude…

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