Analysis Of Shakespeare 's ' The Crucible ' Essay

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Rep in the Crucible
(An Evaluation of the Importance of Reputation) Throughout the duration of the literature piece, The Crucible, the importance of reputation is prominent. The fates of several characters is all based upon their own reputation, a spouses reputation, or a main characters reputation. The decision of if a character is with the Devil or not was all based upon their reputation, or the reputation of the accuser. The entire story revolves around having a good or bad rep. Especially to many of the main characters, obviously, having a good reputation could make or break you. Main characters like John Proctor and Abigail Williams had specific reputations that in the end controlled their fate. They were willing to do anything to keep their rep from being tarnished. Secondary characters like Judge Danforth have intimidating and icy reputations, in turn affecting the whole plot line. Reputation is everything to the characters, and definitely influential to the storyline, especially to John, Abigail, and Danforth. To begin, Judge Danforth’s reputation wasn 't affecting his own fate but everyone elses. His aura of arrogance and iciness made his reputation formidable. Because he thinks his perception is flawless, the girls are incapable of lying, and since he is the judge, he can make whatever decision he wants literally without hurting his own reputation. His own reputation is never on the on the line and only because he is an old, white, educated, and religious man,…

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