Essay about Analysis Of Shakespeare 's ' Othello '

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Women in Elizabethan period lived in chains bound by the society with the leash handed first to their father and after marriage to their husbands. The higher the position in society tighter the restrictions. Women were escorted everywhere they went like Desdemona. “Good women followed the instructions of their husband and father’s.” Men did not have to explain themselves and their actions to their possessions.One of the examples of women 's role is given by Shakespeare In act 3 of Othello,when Iago’s wife Emilia says, “I know nothing but to please his fantasy”(3.3.299). From the beginning of the play women 's role is clearly shown as being a commodity , a thing of ownership. Even when Iago in hopes of causing trouble for Othello wakes up Brabantio he refers to Desdemona as a possession rather than a person, ‘Zounds, sir, you 're robbed. For shame, put on your gown!’ (1.1.88) calling Brabantio saying he has been robbed not that his daughter has been taken away or has run away. His manner of speech could have been about a vase in a house . Throughout Othello women are described, compared and seen as a thing of use, of possession even of seduction and allure but never with respect. Iago describes his wife Emilia as a seat, and seems to categorize women simply as housewives. For Brabantio who loved his daughter made no illusion about his ideas of women when he after accepting the relationship between his daughter Desdemona and Othello, as a…

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