Analysis Of Shakespeare 's Othello By William Shakespeare Essay

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“All things are subject to interpretation whichever interpretation prevails is a function of power not of truth” = Friedrich Nietschze
Manipulations of the Mind, Misogynistic Mistrust and Rash ramifications are just the tip of the iceberg that holds the crumbling power pedestal of Shakespeare’s compelling play Othello. In Shakespeare’s Othello, the eponymous character is a Moorish general waylaid by his ensign’s thirst for power. His ensign, Iago, revels in the power he wields in manipulating for his individual profit. Power plays a very important role in the plot and overall outcome of this play. Power is used to create control and vice versa. Power struggles woven through an intricately crafted thin veil of deception, mistrust, doubts and strife induced in order to gain power over another are portrayed explicitly in the play. Consequently, Language and Structure establish a dramatic atmosphere essential for an effective portrayal of different charcterisations and the power they wielded; originating either from their sexuality, heroic military service, patriarchy or simply by possessing a silver tongue and a devious mind ripe enough for hatching manipulations posthaste. However, literary techniques are not to be forgotten, for they establish the stepping stones of our visualisations that facilitates the theme of power.
Various ideas are explored through relationships in Othello and in particular the role of women; sex and violence, love and hate, honour and dishonesty,…

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