Analysis Of Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet ' Essay

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Tragedies Build Real Warriors
The one of the most famous tragedies, Hamlet, which is written by Shakespeare Williams in 1602, vividly illustrates the transform from a child to a brave warrior. The main character, Hamlet, is a Prince of the Denmark, and he should have lived in a peaceful and wonderful life; however, the mysterious death of his father, the King of Denmark, completely destroys Hamlet’s life into tragedies, which fills with revenges. At the beginning of the revenges, Hamlet is fragile and naïve. He does not realize the cruel challenges. He is fear to face his future, but he cannot give up the revenging to his uncle, Claudius, who does not only murder the former King and take reign, but also marries Hamlet’s mother Gertrude. Through the all of the hesitating and struggling, he overcomes enemies and his past. In the end of the play, he successfully finishes a series of revenges and sacrifices his young life, but it is undeniable that Hamlet is a symbolism of real warriors, who suffer physical death, but awakes warriors’ souls.
First and foremost, the young Hamlet’s heart fills with righteousness and kindness, but the appearance of former king’s ghost thoroughly becomes a prologue to revenge. Initially, as Hamlet encounters the ghost of King at first, he does not completely believe the ghost because Hamlet does not want to be a moral killer. In the act 1 and scene 5, the conversation between Hamlet and ghost is, “Speak: I am bound to hear. So art thou to revenge,…

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