Analysis Of Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet ' Essay

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I have chosen the famous Shakespearian play “Hamlet,” for my creative representation project as I have always been inspired by the works of Shakespeare and the themes portrayed through character development and mood of the play. I have used water colors, pencil colors, acrylic paint, and soft pastels as mediums to emphasize the intensity of certain colors and consequently, highlight the most significant symbols in the project.
The symbols and quotes, with their explanations and significance are as follows:
1. Skull
Yorick 's Skull is referred to in the play, which represents the inevitability of death as well as illustrates the physical consequences of death. In my project, I have created a skull representing Hamlets inner and outer state of being and to show his inevitability of death and ultimate tragedy. He talks about how someone like Yorick ends up the same as Alexander the Great. The skull shows Hamlet’s acceptance that everybody must die and they will all be treated to the same physical fate of being buried and eaten by worms.
2. Crown
The small size of the crown atop Hamlet’s skull represents how Hamlet no longer feels that the power as king of Denmark is important and has set his priorities so that revenge is of utmost importance. He feels responsible for avenging his father’s murder and bringing justice more than he feels that he is the price and future king of Denmark. The small size and slanted orientation of the crown symbolizes how it has become of less…

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