Analysis Of Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet ' Essay

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For my concept of hamlet, I would combine film with the classic theatrical approach, by having the film be about a college student who is in a production of hamlet that places it in the medieval Denmark setting the play takes place. The film would follow the life of Ketan (meaning home which is the same meaning of Hamlet) who plays hamlet as his life suddenly takes on a similar path as Hamlet’s does in the play. As the film progresses Ketan slowly loses himself to both the role and subsequently madness believing that he is in fact hamlet, trying to fix his household by killing his uncle turned step-father. Pieces of the play will only show once in the original order as it connects to parts of Ketan’s life until he loses himself to the role where the film will begin to show more of the rehearsals/performance and less of his ‘real life’. The reason I would do it like that is because while I just love the combination of film and theatre, it works with who Hamlet is, a guy who loses himself to madness not able to separate what is faked and what is real. All the while keeping a large chunk of the show and the original lines while still having modern dialogue and an original story that modern audiences enjoy. Making it the best of both worlds without sacrificing one for the other as most adaptions end up doing, making it either entirely modern or entirely classic.

Hamlet Analyzed In Terms Of Aristotle 's Poetics Aristotle 's Poetics is…

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