Essay on Analysis Of Sawyer 's ' A Baby Twin Brothers '

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As a young boy, Sawyer witnesses a posse of local white people hang his father, whip and rape his mother and sister, and bash in the brains of his two baby twin brothers. Sawyer escapes and is taken in by a black planter named Beaubean in the next township over. As Sawyer continues, inadvertently revealing Sappho’s mysterious past, the audience has a deep bodily response and “cries” and “groans” (257). “Sobs shook the women, while the men drank in the words of the speaker with darkening brows and hands which involuntarily clinched themselves in sympathy with his words” (257). He goes on to detail how Beaubean’s white half-brother kidnaps and rapes his young daughter Mabelle and forces her into prostitution. When Beaubean confronts his half-brother, he flippantly offers Beaubean cash to keep quiet and asks, “what does a woman of mixed blood, or any Negress, for that matter, know of virtue?” (258). But when Beaubean threatens him with the law, later in the evening a white mob burns Beaubean’s family and home to the ground. Sawyer manages to escape with Mabelle and takes her to a convent in New Orleans, where she allegedly dies in childbirth. At the conclusion of Sawyer’s speech, someone begins singing and then an “intense silence” falls over the crowd as Will Smith begins a powerful lecture that concludes the evening by echoing Sawyer’s call for activism through a more standard, rational form of argument.
In this speech, Luke Sawyer challenges the previous speakers with his…

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