Analysis Of Sandra Cisneros 's ' The House On Mango Street ' Essay

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Gender role plays an important role in shaping the way we see and think about others within the community. The role of women in a men dominated society is one of the most important theme in Sandra Cisneros’s novel The House on Mango Street. The main character Esperenza, along with other women struggles to trench the stereotypes that have been made for women by the men in the community. The novel focuses on the effects of society’s expectation and rules of patriarchal culture towards women. Esperenza, being the main character gets surrounded by the women who faces major challenges in their everyday life. They want to get treated equally as men in the society where they are looked down upon as nothing but a housewife. Esperenza’s disappointment begins as she moves into the new community and witness the way women are treated. As she lives in the Mango Street, not only is she ashamed of her new house and her outer appearance, but also about how women are treated as a whole in the society. In my opinion, the novel revolves around women’s hope, dreams and self determination to break the gender stereotypes and empower each other in spite of facing the sexual assault and not being able to live a joyous life.

Gender role is represented as a social construction in The House on Mango Street. Men are portrayed as a strong figure and has everything easy in the novel. But Esperenza is different. She does not see a future where she is dependent on anyone. She has endless dreams of her…

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