Clash Of Civilizations And The Remaking Of The New World By Samuel P. Huntington

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Samuel P. Huntington writes his book the Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of the New World in five parts. The book is about civilizations development in values, ideologies, religion, and culture.

In part one Huntington creates a post war civilization map where the world is separated into nine civilizations. The first is the western civilization that consist of north america and europe. The second Latin America which was central and south america. Third African which was only the southern part of the african continent. Fourth Islamic extending to north africa and the middle east. Fifth Sinic includes china, vietnam, and korea. Hindu which is made up of only india. Orthodox which was russia and parts of eastern europe. Buddhist consist
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He said that western power is diminishing, the decline can change at anytime, and that those who hold authority can make decisions that can also change the direction of power. After reading part two I would have to agree with Huntington. The western civilization decline in power is an enviable thing. Nothing lasts forever and the western civilization have already seen declines in power, and do to the gradual development of civilizations throughout the years those same civilizations have become more of a threat to the western culture. He also speaks upon religion and its impact on politics. He argued that religion gave people identity, stability, and purpose. For example when talking about the Islamic civilization Huntington points out that the revival of an islamic society was influenced by authoritarian government and economic state. He goes on to talk of the increasing power non-western countries are gaining he speaks mostly of asia in this instant. He explains that these non-western countries are becoming less western do to the country’s financial prosperity. When reading I assumed that with a country’s financial stability it helps them gain …show more content…
Due to this Huntington claims that we need multiculturalism in order to compete with other civilizations without out diversifying the United States and west it can create conflict with other powerful civilizations. Again I must agree with Huntington. A multicultural civilization will make for a thriving society. He says that the western civilization creating conflict with other civilization can be the greatest threat to world peace, and an international order.

Huntingtons book was an interesting read his ideas of civilization although I was unable to talk about all of it mostly revolves around the western civilization what I got from his writing was that he felt without the west world would not be as developed as it had. ultimately he said the world revolves around the west and if the west were to fail the rest of the world does too almost like a slow domino effect. I agreed with alot of his arguments and found it interesting that he felt the west was such an important part of the world’s

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