Essay about Analysis Of Salvator Rosa, 1615-1673

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Salvator Rosa, 1615-1673, was an Italian artist from Naples well known for his landscape art within the 17th century ( His landscapes often depicted travelers, beggars, peasants, and even bandits in a rough, undomesticated landscape (Allen). One landscape in particular simply named ‘Landscape with Travelers’ painted in 1640 highlights his technique and general story-telling quite well. By using light and shadow he is able to create a message that seemingly need no true narrative as a source of explanation. Rosa used the medium of landscape art to encourage, while simultaneously highlighting, the dangers of travel and the exploration the wilderness (Kosiacka-Beck 266).
The painting itself itself is a 56 ½ x 67 in. landscape oil painting on canvas ( within wooden frame. Brushwork is slightly layered, but mostly focuses on using a chiaroscuro effect to help guide a viewer through the scene. The scene depicts a group of travelers navigating their way through a gorge while seeming to asking for directions from a group of men, that might be beggars, as they pass by them. The narrative itself is left rather unclear. Are the men in the shade really beggars or simply resting from their own travels? To that point, are they themselves the ones being guided. Another strange element to the scene is a clearly naked child lagging in the rear carrying a kind of pot. Why is he seemingly left unattended? Though the scene seems to ask more narrative questions than…

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