Analysis Of Salinger 's ' The Catcher 's The Rye ' Essay

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The Complications of Not Having a Catcher Having a caring and loving family is exceedingly beneficial to one’s well being. Family gatherings are meant to be an enjoyable experience where people who love each other spend time together to bond and make new relationships. Many emotions are present during these encounters. The people whom know one best understand one’s problems effortlessly. These family socials, however, are not a reality for everyone and the consequences of this are damaging. In The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, Holden’s life is often very difficult due to the lack of outside guidance. The absence of guidance harms Holden’s mental state, his ability to connect socially and hinders his control of his emotions. There is a high risk of mental illness when no external support is present. One is regularly dwelling on the worst possible scenarios. While Holden is reading a magazine he comes across an article about cancer. Holden “had a sore on the inside of [his] lip for about two weeks. So [he] figured [he] was getting cancer” which demonstrates his paranoid mentality causing him to jump to conclusions (Salinger 196).the Due to the absence of a positive adult influence and support system, Holden has no one in his life to assure him that he need not worry about such an extreme. He has no one to help alleviate his obsessive thoughts and feelings of insecurity. Holden has every right to be scared because there is nobody to catch him when he falls. Any mistake…

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