Musical Analysis Of Can T Stop

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PART FOUR: Creative Process

381_CP_SONG 1: Can’t Stop
I started with the guitar and formed a riff based in the key of Em. I transposed this riff onto a sparkly synth sound and could hear a strong bass line that would accompany it. I had three successful ways of approaching the creation of Can’t Stop. Firstly, completing a section and moving to the next before adding production elements. Secondly, having short breaks and returning to listen with fresh ears to recognize sounds that were not working, and thirdly making four-bar phrases with slight changes to the rhythm or production each phrase to keep the listener engaged. Approaching the song like this helped create a solid track, allowing more focus on the lyrics and vocal melodies. The chorus
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When I wrote the lyrics, I had to think about what was happening in the video and what instrumentation would best fit the mood. I started by writing the lyrics with the motion of the video in mind. A few days later I came back to the lyrics and created a guitar part in the key of E using mostly open chords to give a clean and spacious sound. The music video is fun and focuses on a character and her interaction with nature. I chose to write in an Indie folk-style together with vibrant and descriptive lyrics to show the intentions of the video. The instrumentation of the song only includes acoustic guitar and vocals. I thought the song needed another layer of sound, so I added a track of ocean noises in the background to create ambience, and it fits perfectly with the style of the song and the music …show more content…
I was going away to Ohope for a weekend and knew that this would be a perfect opportunity to film the video. I borrowed my friend’s good quality Nixon camera and very nicely asked my dad to film me. The approach I had to film was relaxed with the intention of filming different interactions with nature. We filmed the story in reverse and this helped us gather an understanding of how the plot would carry on, for example, my interaction with the water at the end of the video was filmed first. I was continually observing my surroundings to find different ways I could interact with nature. I saw purple flowers and knew that would be the first interaction with nature that the audience would see. My Dad was very helpful as he also had ideas for filming, for example he would tell me not to move so he could get another angle of me. This was a stress-free process filmed in an environment that I felt completely comfortable to be myself and this came through in the final product of the music

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