Essay about Analysis Of Robert Frost 's Poetry

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It is not often that a farmer sells his land to pursue poetry. American poet, Robert Frost, with an educational background including the renowned Dartmouth College and Harvard University, left his American farm and briefly moved his family to England with the hope of publishing his first book. He later returned to America and settled with his family in New Hampshire. In his lifetime he had written well-over a hundred poems, however was notable for a few of them, specifically. Late in his career he was an educator at several colleges and was honored to receive over forty honorary degrees along with many other awards in recognition of his success. Before his death in Boston, Massachusetts at age 89 in 1963, he was the Inaugural Poet for President Kennedy in 1961. Frost’s poetry often had similar themes throughout all of his work. Notably, each theme pronounces something specific most individuals can relate to regarding life experiences. Some themes include community and labor, but he often related his work to the outdoors and mostly about nature. His poetry about nature includes the beauty of nature and man’s interactions with it. More specifically in Frost’s poems, he often includes things such as trees, grass, colors, birds, senses, traveling and the beloved New England. Frost expresses his thoughts about nature and how each season affected it in many poems, but can be detected in within just a few; winter, spring, summer, fall and how each are attractive to him in…

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