Analysis Of Robert Frost 's Home Burial Essay

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In Robert Frost’s “Home Burial.” Frost describes a strained conversation among a husband and wife whose child has just recently passed away. At the opening of the story, the wife is standing at the height of a staircase looking at her child’s grave through the window. Her husband, on the bottom of the steps, does not apprehend what she is staring at or why she has abruptly become so distraught. The wife resents her husband’s inadvertence along with his composure at the situation and makes an effort to leave their home. The husband begs her not to leave but to stay for once and talk to him about her grief; he doesn’t fully grasp why she is frustrated with him for manifesting his grief in his own particular way. Inconsolable, his wife lashes out at him, convinced of his apathy toward their dead child. The husband calmly accepts her anger, but the rift between them is still apparent. She leaves their home as he angrily calls after her. In the short story "Home Burial," death is the theme. It presents and weaves itself in every line of dialogue in this short story but the couple hardly ever mentions the word. It 's almost as if, for this couple, talking directly about their child’s death, makes the passing of their child much more real, and their grief much more painful. The theme may be death “concerning a child.” however; the story tells of another underlying death. The short story depicts two tragedies: first, the death of a child, and second, the death of a marriage. Even…

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