Essay on Analysis Of Rene Descartes 's Theory Of God

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René Descartes wrote, “…it seems as though we were shown that all that which can be known of God may be made manifest by means which are not derived from anywhere but from ourselves…” (Descartes, 1641, p. 2). From the moment of every individuals’ birth, we are put on a journey of finding ourselves. As human beings, we struggle doing so. We go through phases on our own, we meet new friends who alter our personalities and style, we grow older; in simpler terms, we are in a constant state of flux for the majority of our lives. It is not until we reach a certain age, or point in life, that we can say with more accuracy that we know who we are as a creature on this Earth and we know what our point of existence is. To get to such a pivotal moment, however, one must self-analyze greatly and generate proof as to why they are who they are. Descartes stated that he existed as a thinking thing; I, on the other hand, exist as an eternal bird. Parenting styles, a child’s adherence to rules, and quality of life within a household varies tremendously between families. It is these three factors, amongst many others, that shape a young child into who they are as an adult. Additionally, the type of roof we are raised under helps to produce different thought patterns and ways of living for oneself. As I was growing up, I was very independent and reluctant to listening to rules my parents tried implementing. It was not that my mother and father were neglecting me as a child; in fact, they…

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