Analysis Of Raymond Carver 's ' Cathedral ' Essay

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Cathedral by Raymond Carver In this short story, “Cathedral” written by Raymond Carver, a man whose wife invited a good friend over named Robert, who is blind, comes over one evening. Before Roberts Arrival, Bub does not know what to make out of his wife’s good friend Robert coming over to their house. Carver utilizes a story of a blind man who changes Bub’s outlook in life, when one blind man and one man with sight share an evening together drawing out a cathedral. Through the narrators personality, theme of blindness and psychological blindness and the cathedral being a symbol at the end of the story, brings together a powerful changing to the narrators life. In the beginning, Bub’s character is seen as insulting, jealous and judgmental, but has a breaking point towards the end of the story. It is seen in the beginning of the story that Bub has some jealousy going on with his wife’s former husband. Bub says, “Her officer—why should he have a name? He was the childhood sweetheart, and what more does he want?” (Craver 400). This is where it is seem that some jealousy he has with her last husband. The husband then makes rude remarks about the blind man who is coming over to his home. Bub says, “I wasn’t enthusiastic about his visit. He was no one I knew. And him being blind bothered me.” (Carver 299). Bub then even goes as far as insulting the blind man’s wife name Beulah, and upsetting his wife when he asks, “Was his wife a negro?” (Carver 301). She…

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