Analysis Of Raymond Carver 's ' Cathedral ' Essay

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“Cathedral” The main character in the short story “Cathedral,” written by a well written American short story Author, Raymond Carver, is a married man with doubts of another man from his wife’s past, making him jealous. Carver uses the husband, Bub, to narrate the story. The story tells about Robert, the antagonist who lost his wife and visits his old friend. The envious character causes conflict with himself about the relationship of the wife and friend. The protagonist’s uneasiness of meeting the old friend starts from the beginning before his arrival. Robert, the blind man, is the opposite of the narrator. Robert is outgoing, open-minded, and acts accordingly to new ideas and events. The narrator resists trying to get to know Robert, though Robert is open new things and wants to “learn something” (Carver 94). Robert assists the narrator turn over a new leaf by altering his perception of blind people as a whole. Bub’s lack of feeling towards other character’s, specifically during group conversations creates a portrayal of carelessness. After opening his eyes to other ways of life, the narrator fully sees that it is not what is on the outside of Robert, but what is on the inside of him. The shift from judging blind people to understanding them represents a broader perspective, creating an epiphany. The narrator’s reaction and lack of emotion towards his wife and the blind man, demonstrates him as a close-minded protagonist however, he evolves through a life changing…

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