Essay on Analysis Of Raymond Carver 's ' Cathedral '

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Raymond Carver was a contemporary short story writer in the 1900s and his stories mainly feature lower and middle class people because those are the people he grew up around. His stories focus on the everyday struggles of average humans and not fantasy wonderlands. The two short stories I chose to focus on are Cathedral and Popular Mechanics. In Cathedral we follow a man who is struggling with his marriage and very skeptical about a new visitor who will be coming to his house. In Popular Mechanics we follow a couple that has a crumbling relationship with a baby stuck in the middle. In both of these stories we have average people just trying to get by and struggle with their own problems. In Cathedral the main character we follow throughout the story is the narrator who is unnamed. As we know Carver likes to portray the average Joe in his stories and the narrator is one of them. He is just trying to get by and is flawed like any other human being. The narrator seems like an average grumpy husband who drinks and smokes marijuana. He begins the story being very narrow-minded and upset that his wife is bringing her blind friend Robert to stay with them. From this we can infer that the wife is much more loving and caring than her husband. The narrator’s wife has become close friends with Robert the blind man and helps him out in any way she can. The narrator’s first thought would be why is here and when is he leaving. Before Robert came to house the narrator seemed to have many…

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