Analysis Of Raymond Carver 's `` Cathedral, As Any Other Good Short Story ``

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Cathedral Who is actually considered blind? A person who cannot physically see or a person who cannot see because of their ignorance? In Raymond Carver 's short story Cathedral, as any other good short story. We have our antihero who also comes along with our protagonist. In this case our antihero has no name, but goes by the title the narrator. Both of these main characters are proceeded differently. Robert the protagonist of the story embodies the characteristics of being a humble person who has a proactive side. Although he is blind, it doesn’t stop him from seeing the world as it is. He had also been a radio harmer and kept people 's spirits up during WW2. Robert also has a deceased wife. Meanwhile the narrator who is the antagonist of the short story has more of a narrow view on life, unlike Robert he lives miserably. He has a wife who loves him dearly and has a job. The disliking of the narrator’s job, the lack of having no friends, being judgmental are a result to him coming home every night isolating himself from the world. Due to all of this negative vibe that comes off the character it shows us that the narrator has more of a pessimistic view towards life, but later on has an epiphany and realizes he is actually more blind than Robert. An antihero is the opposite of a hero. This type of character is often referred to as a flat character, according to Gioia and her description to be a flat character means in her words “inglorious citizen of the modern world,…

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