Analysis Of Ralph Waldo Emerson And George Fox Essay example

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Drawing Circles and Conclusions Philosophy is a major part of human development and exploration and has always been fascinating to me personally. I find myself philosophizing many aspects in my life, and I always enjoy reading philosophy. One of America’s most prominent philosophers is Ralph Waldo Emerson. Emerson has been a very influential philosopher; two important figures he influenced were Martin Luther and George Fox (Buell 60). He is known for his collections of essays that detail his philosophical thoughts. One of his most well-known works is “Self-Reliance,” in which Emerson discusses the importance of being an individual, not conforming to others opinions, and trusting one’s instincts (64). Emerson wrote many other essays as well, detailing his thoughts on various philosophical concepts. I am going to primarily focus on his essay “Circles.” However, it is important to also look at the aspects of Emerson’s life that influenced his writing. Travels and losses shaped Emerson, and without those experiences, I think it would have led him along a different path. On that path, he produced beautiful pieces that embody his explorative mind. “Circles” is an essay that explores the metaphorical circles in life, and how they shape individuals. It has both scientific and spiritual connections, and through Emerson’s poetic words he hopes to make the reader use his reasoning mind and ponder if he is within a circle or if the circle is within himself.
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