Essay on Analysis Of Ralph Ellison 's ' Battle Royal '

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In “Battle Royal”, Ralph Ellison sets his story after the Reconstruction. In his story, the white, elite leaders of the time, invite the narrator to the hotel room to deliver graduation speech. However, before he can deliver his speech, the narrator becomes involved in a brutal box-match against the other workers. Similarly, in “The Lottery”, the village initially, seems calm. Yet, at the end, it is revealed that due to the long held tradition, a person, who has picked a paper with black dot would be stoned death as a form of sacrifice in order for the village to “prosper.” Both of the stories convey the importance of tradition. Along with tradition, arises the idea of conformity. Because human beings seek for comfort, they are prone to conform to tradition because it sets out repetitive beliefs that have been passed down for generations. Traditions either prosper the society or diminish the society. According to Anthropology department of Colombia University, “Tradition was the name given to those cultural features which, in situations of change, were to be continued to be handed on, thought about, preserved and not lost.” However, if the people fail to analyze or “thought about” the tradition, then it proves to be detrimental to the society. If the tradition has remained the same for a long time, it brainwashes the people under this tradition. If they were to question a tradition that has remained unchanged, then they would be shunned by the society, and they,…

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