Analysis Of `` Rain `` And Adlestrop `` By Edward Thomas Essay

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Edward Thomas, born 1878 in England, was a WWI war poet. Born to Welsh parents in London, he was a highly prolific author and book critic and in 1914 he began to delve into the world of poetry after reviewing it for many years. Faced with the decision to enlist in the war to support his family or to continue with his work in literary criticism he decided to enlist by 1915. His chronic depression and feeling of certain death of him and his comrades caused his poems to center around themes of nature and beauty, as well as the death he faced daily. He was killed in 1917, just 3 years after he started to write poetry. Two of his poems, “Rain” and “Adlestrop”, can be seen as a chronical of his experience with the war. Adlestrop, a poem of an unscheduled train stop, was written during the earlier stages of the war, shortly after he enlisted, and is about the nature and peace he encountered there. Rain, a poem of solitude and death, written a year later, is the later stages when he no longer missed something but rather wished his current life would end. When looked at side by side, these two poems clearly show a mental deterioration within the mind of a depressed author turned poet.
“Rain, midnight rain, nothing but the wild rain / On this bleak hut, and solitude, and me…”
This poem, Rain, is written in iambic pentameter to portray the melodic and unceasing rain. Rain as a theme to Thomas is a very important topic, because it is the external environment mimicking his internal…

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