Analysis Of ' Rage Against The Machine ' Essays

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Some say that literature is a gateway to understanding history. In the case of ‘Rage Against the Machine’, the literature provided served to build a context for which we were to experience history. When a person can experience history, they are truly able to understand how the people of the day felt emotionally, socially, politically, and economically. For me, this was the most important takeaway of this game. My majors are both Political Science and Business, so this game heavily revolved around the issues presented in each of these disciplines. The political system of Manchester during that time was greatly that of an aristocracy, and still somewhat of a monarchy. It’s not hard to guess how this political system worked. The nobility set laws for everyone except themselves. This system was functional in England until the French Revolution that caused masses of low class people to begin to demand more rights, higher wages, and stronger liberties. This new dynamic clearly played out through the duration of the game. People wanted to exercise more control over the laws and regulations that dictated their living conditions. In the game, all classes were advocating for more rights and liberties. The poor, working class wanted more rights in the forms of protections and safety nets in their places of employment. These new laws ranged from the establishment of a minimum wage to worker safety laws. Unfortunately, neither of these laws managed to get passed. Some of the upper…

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