Analysis Of Poem ' Still I Rise ' By Maya Angelou Essay

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People are often filled with shame and sorrow because they are afraid of being judged on who they are and what they look like. But the famous civil rights activist, author and poet, Maya Angelou is not one of these people. 1978 was the year she published an inspiring poem called “Still I Rise”. Based on the title one can suggest the poem is about confronting and overcoming difficult situations during one 's life with strength and confidence. By analyzing the poem the reader can understand the message of the poem through her organizational structure and many literary devices she demonstrates throughout the poem.

By analyzing the poem one can define the narrator, audience, where the poem takes place and the motivation to why the narrator decided to write this poem. Throughout the poem Maya repeats the personal pronoun “I”. By doing so, she demonstrates she is indeed the narrator of the poem. Her audience is mainly the people who have tried to disown and offend her. The first line of the poem reads “You may write me down in history” (1). Maya right off the bat directs the poem to whoever has tried to write her down in history. Meaning she is speaking to whoever has tried to hurt her. Maya makes her main point in the poem that many people can say dirty or disgusting words towards her but that won 't ever stop her from rising above. She illustrates this when she says “You may tread me in the very dirt/ But still, like dust, i 'll rise” (3-4). Instead of overcompensating…

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