Essay on Analysis Of Poem ' My Butterfly '

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Mathew Arnold, was born in Laleham, Middlesex on December 24, 1822, he attended Balliol College, published his first book of poetry in 1849 called “Strayed Reveller and Other Poems,” he then continued to publish many more books of modern English poetry, married Fanny Whitman and died in 1888 walking with his wife to the Tran. Robert Frost was born in San Francisco, California, on March 26, 1874, he attended Tuffs College, published his first poem in 1984 called "My Butterfly: an Elegy," wrote and published many more modern English poems, worked as a professor at many colleges, married Elinor and died January 29, 1963 from complications of prostate surgery. The poem “Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening” written by Robert Frost and the poem “Self-Dependence” written by Matthew Arnold are two beautifully written poems using nature to reflect feeling. The two poems have so much in common as they both are about self reflection and realization yet are so different. A big difference is how poetic devices are used in each poem to relay the theme by using atmosphere, symbolism and imagery. The way the poetic device atmosphere is used by, Matthew Arnold in his poem “Self-Dependence” is very clear, but to the contrary, Robert Frost uses it in his poem “Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening” and the feelings the reader are left with are a little blurry. While reading “Self-Dependence” the reader feels a sense of loss, confusion, desperation and sadness in the first 4 paragraphs. The…

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