Analysis Of ' Pilgrims ' On The Eyes Of A Parent With Cancer Essay

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At one point in “Pilgrims” Orringer explains how the site of watching her mother get a chemotherapy treatment effects Ella, “She remembered it like a filmstrip from school, a series of connected images she wished she didn’t have to watch: her mother with an IV needle in her arm,… her mother shaking so hard she had to be tied down” (Orringer 489). In these words, Orringer has shown chemotherapy treatment through the eyes of a confused and scared child. We are taken to a place where everything has been magnified, and the smallest things cause an impact on the emotional well-being of the child. This is one reason it is important for families to get guidance from the beginning of the illness, so they can better understand what steps will help the children remain stable. Many children become depressed and withdrawn when faced with a parent’s terminal illness. According to authors Thastum, Mikael, et al in their article "Evaluation Of A Focused Short-Term Preventive Counselling Project For Families With A Parent With Cancer”, families that participated in counseling at the onset of the illness had better stability and less instances of depression than families who chose to seek counseling after the problems began or not at all. The authors write, "there was a significant decrease in depression and increase in family functioning scores from before to after the intervention” (Thastum, Mikael, et al 1). “Pilgrims” is a great example of the negative consequences when children are left…

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