Analysis Of Passing By Nella Larsen Essay

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In this paper the focus will be on the comparison and the contrast of two wonderful female authors. Those two strong writers are Nella Larson and Nikki Giovanni. However this paper will look at the similarities and differences of other work that we’ve been reading, and also the videos as well. While looking at the acceptance of the darkness of African American skin pigment. The book Passing by Nella Larsen is about two childhood friends that lost touch over time. Two black women one of which is passing her name is Claire, who faces the advisories of being raised as white child knowing that she is also half black trying to find her roots. While the other women named Irene, who is living a normal life as a black woman with her husband and kids in Harlem. Irene then starts to gain concern after hearing about her friend’s secret life as passing. While the author Nikki Giovanni introduces her readers to the different stand points of how to take stand for equality as African American in today’s society in her book entitled Black Feeling, Black Talk.

The book passing is kind of similar to my author Nikki Giovanni’s book black feelings/black talk understanding their lives, personally and politically attributes.(Giovanni, 1970) Black Feeling, Black Talk is not a call for revolution that will destroy the world. The book is about how people, in the words of its final poem, may “build what we can become when we dream because…

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