Paley's Argument For The Existence Of God Essay

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Paley’s argument for the Existence of God
Paley’s argument is termed the design argument which is solely based on an analogy of a watch. This is that the universe as a whole is complex and there must be an intelligent designer responsible for designing the universe. Just like the watch, the parts come together to fulfill a purpose, and if we have never seen a watch before the complexity or the way the watch was designed would make us conclude that it was made by an intelligent designer. This analogy is used to compare the universe to the watch. In addition, he mentions that “it is not necessary that a machine be perfect in order to show with what design it was made” (Paley, 2) some errors in the production of the watch does not conclude that
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“We know a builder has built a house because we have seen many houses being built”. (Godwin) The same cannot be said about the universe. “…not probable, I ask, that the whole economy of the universe is conducted by a like necessity, though no human algebra can furnish a key which solves the difficulty?” (Hume, 4) this means that the universe is unique. “…Why may not several deities combine in contriving and framing a world?” (Hume, 1). This means that if a man can unite and complete a plan or project how much more demons or deities that we look up to with high regard (Hume, 2). In addition, if humans have the same similarities with the creator of the universe then the intelligent Designer necessarily lead to the Christian God. The Counter Argument for the design basis solely on the lack of prove that the perfection of the creator, monotheism and many other design arguments are not proven. As the universe is so complex in design, there must be a complex intelligence Hume guesses as to whether or not this universe is actually complex. We have got nothing to compare it to. For example, using the first generation computers in the past was very complicated but they have been simplified and now it is very easy to

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