Analysis Of ' Our Souls At Night ' Essay

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Ira Reiss, a sociologist who studied the different ways that the society affects our sexual behaviors and attitudes, came up with a theory of his own, the Wheel Theory. His theory claims that love develops in stages, four to be exact; rapport, self-revelation, mutual dependency, and personality need fulfillment. In Kent Haruf’s book, Our Souls at Night, the two individuals, Louis and Addie, start off as distant acquaintances living on the same block, and later became late-aged sweethearts. If one knows of Reiss’ theory while reading this story, he or she can see how the process of falling in love occurred with the couple in Holt County, Colorado.
The first stage to love according to Reiss is “rapport”. Rapport is a close, harmonious-like relationship in which the two individuals can understand one another’s feelings and are able to communicate well because the find similarities in each other and their past experiences. In the story, Louis and Addie have fairly similar pasts; a couple of examples include spouses that passed away, troubled relationships with their child of the opposite gender, and both were school teachers. In the first couple of nights, the two of them would lie in the same bed, with their own respectable distance and boundaries, and would just simply talk in the dark and get to know each other, becoming more and more acquainted with one another. Both Addie and Louis respected each other greatly, so when Addie displayed enough courage to ask Louis to spend…

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